July 7th, 2016 - All about the AF

Dialing in that AF


I spent a lot of time dialing in the AF on the D500 and Sigma 150-600 Sport Lens.

The Fine Tune AF on the D500 did not seem to work very well. Honestly it gave me some REALLY bad results, with very huge and crazy swings that just made no sense whatsoever.

I went from going to +3 to +8 then down -2, +5... It was horribly inconsistent. With ample light, and a shutter speed way past the 150mm I was shooting at.

Maybe this is user error, but I was using a stable platform and tripod, and with a timer. Possibly mirror lockup might've helped? But I'm really not sure what was going on. Possibly a firmware fix is needed, but it seemed to do more harm than good.


So I went about doing it by hand.


I was using this Focusing sheet I found online (Don't remember where, I think I just googled Lens Focus or something similar).

For my lens, it looked to be around +5, and that did pretty well throughout all the focal ranges.