July 17th, 2016 - Woodland Park Zoo

So, I packed up my lens, camera, laptop and needed accessories into my 5.11 Rush Delivery X-Ray Messenger Bag and headed into Woodland Park Zoo up in Seattle.

After 4 hours of walking around, I was about ready to pass out.

I have a pretty heavy lens, I gotta figure out what I'm going to do about that whole situation. I think when I get a few more lenses I'll keep the 150-600 in it's case, and leave that separate from everything else because carrying around 30+ lbs on one strap over my shoulder was pretty rough.

I did enjoy seeing some of the animals, but was pretty bummed that I didn't get to see nearly what I wanted. Most of the animals were hiding because it was a pretty hot day. Some of them looked pretty miserable, I'd imagine on a cooler day they'd probably be at least a little bit happier.

I did want to point out that this lens did show a LOT of chromatic aberration on this picture above with the penguin. But It's almost a worst case scenario. I've rarely encountered it, and when I have it's been very light. But even with as bad as it was in this picture, it was easily fixed in lightroom.

All in all, it wans't too bad. The parking was pretty bad, the heat was awful... But I'll definitely go back. I'm more interested though in actual wildlife, it's just pretty hard to find anything like that close by.

I'm hoping to head out to Northwest Wildlife Trek, I've been there before many years ago. The wildlife are just out and about doing their thing, and it definitely doesn't feel the same as with the zoo.