July 9th, 2016 - Camera Bag Conundrum

Camera bags, camera bags... CAMERA BAGS!?!?!?

They're all so overpriced, so... USELESS, and just so bad.


I spent a lot of time looking through bags, Think Tank, Lowepro, Domke, Billinghams, and so on.. and of course, what kind? Messenger bags, backpacks, etc.


Then I had an idea, why go with a "Camera Bag" at all?


There's plenty of other bags out there that will get the job done, and better.

I wanted a bag that has lots of space, versatility, and customization.


That's when it hit me. I went for the 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery X-Ray Messenger Bag (Double Tap).

Why is this SO much better than normal camera bags? MOLLE.

I'm waiting till my next paycheck, but I'm going to be getting some pouches, morale patches, and useful patches like (NKDA, Blood Type, etc). One of the pouches I put on the front will have some medical equipment (Always useful in the field!).

Incase someone doesn't know what MOLLE is, it's used in a lot of military gear. It's the system where you can weave other bags, pouches, whatever and make a very secure and strong hold... It offers so much versatility. I'm going to be getting some 5" MOLLE Sticks, for quick removal.


I'm going to be adding my own inserts in the body of the bag, and add some padding on the bottom. I will point out that this bag has 2 holes on the bottom and one on each side (Near the bottom as well), presumably to run lines through but I'm not 100% sure on what those are intended for. However, this is not something I want, at the moment it's just something to be aware of. So obviously, don't let it sit in a pool of water or something with equipment inside. I'm going to be adding some material on the bottom and some foam as well. Just a small layer for protection.


But this bag offers so much that other "Camera Bags" don't.. Also it's huge, and most camera bags that are this size, come in at least twice, and others three times the cost.