February 24th, 2017 - The Sigma 85 1.4

I was thinking about this lens... For a long time. I never really heard anyone who just outright didn't like this lens, sure, some people might've had some minor complaints... But that's all it ever was.

I was thinking about waiting to get something like this until I upgraded my body and got a D810 (Or maybe eventually a D820?).

But since that might be a ways off, I decided to just go for it.

I had some shipping problems (I ordered it through Amazon and it was a little late) but didn't have any other problems.

It comes with a strap, which I honestly can't say is the greatest. It's quite noisy, it doesn't feel of very high quality. It feels like cheap plastic all over. It's also very, very small. I originally thought it was for a camera body, then I realized it's just for the case.

The case itself is fine, it's like most other Sigma cases. Nothing really special there. It works, although you do have to put the lens hood in first upside (Shown below), other wise it wont fit.

I did some test shots with my cat (Which turns out to be one of my only reliable models nowadays).

So far I've been super happy with this lens. I have had absolutely no AF problems, once I dialed in the focus it's been unbelievably sharp. 1.4 is nice and creamy. I'll be posting an update with some video footage, bokeh, etc.


So far, I'm a happy camper!